Deadly Products Manufactured with Asbestos

Asbestos has been used in over 3,000 products sold in industry and to consumers. The table below does not include all products which contained asbestos, but does list some of the product categories in which asbestos was often used as an ingredient. All of these products were potentially deadly. Most of these products never carried a warning at any time stating they could kill the user.

Acoustical Plaster Clutches Millboard
Asbestos Blankets Electrical Wire Insulation Packing Material for Valves
Asbestos Cement Finishing Cement Paints
Boilers Fire blankets Pipe insulation
Block Insulation Fire Brick Railroad Locomotives
Brake Linings Fire Doors Refractory Products
Ceiling Tile Fire Proofing (Sprayed on) Roofing Felts
Cement Gaskets Roofing insulation
Cement Pipe Generators Roofing shingles
Clay Gloves Rope (Asbestos)
Cloth (Heat Resistant) insulating cements Shingles
  Joint Compound Spackling compound
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