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Links are provided to a variety of class action news sources including USA Today, CNN, New York Times, Findlaw,MSnbc, Google and Yahoo. Links are also provided for Class Action Cases recently in the news.

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  • - A proposed settlement has been offered in a class action lawsuit that alleged Time Warner Cable sold subscribers’ names and personal information to other companies for marketing purposes...
  • Bloomberg News (New Orleans) - A New Orleans U.S. District Judge has decertified a class-action suit brought against Big Lots Inc. alleging failure to pay overtime...
  • via COMTEX - The class-action status of a lawsuit filed against General Motors Corp. alleging that GM sold four million vehicles with defectively designed parking brakes was upheld by the Arkansas Supreme Court...
  • The Morning News - Five cases that potentially represent the largest judgments against Wal-Mart are examined by the Morning News. Dukes v. Wal-Mart (employment discrimination), Haley v. Wal-Mart (Alleges "systematic understaffing and overtime limits"), Braun/Hummel v. WalMart (Missed rest breaks and work off the clock), Savaglio v. Wal-Mart (Meal and rest breaks not provided in violation of state law), Braun v. Wal-Mart (Missed meals, missed rest breaks, falsified time cards)...
  • - In this June 2008 article Tort reform legislation being introduced in various state legislatures is discussed by Jonathan Glater...
  • - In his speech to the Federalist Society U.S. Senator Cornyn discussed his Securities Litigation Attorney Accountability and Transparency Act (Senate Bill 3033) designed to prevent plaintiffs' attorneys from giving kickbacks for filing lawsuits...
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  • Panama City ( -Governor Crist and legal support are looking closely at the increased insurance premiums being charged in Florida and researching the possibility of a class action suit as a remedy for the consumer...
  • Reuters - "US Lawmakers Urge SEC to Look at Litigation Impact" Rep. Fossella (NY Repub.) and Rep. Meeks (NY Dem.) urged a review of the impact of securities class-action litigation. The Supreme Court is expected to issue a decision in 2008 dealing with this type of litigation...
  • The New York Times - Class-Action Cases have risen with the increase of litigation related to subprime lenders. This issue is examined by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal
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  • The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit re: Lewallen v. Green Tree Servicing, L.L.C. denied Green Tree its right to arbitrate Lewallen's claims...
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  • First BanCorp PressRelease-An agreement in principle was announced by First BanCorp on March 5 to settle claims in a shareholder class action...
  • Supreme Court announced it would not consider the appeal by AT&T to overturn a lower court decision that allowed a class action lawsuit to proceed in the state court...
  • Consumer Law & Policy Blog- This blog sponsored by Public Citizen's Consumer Justice Project discusses recent actions of the Texas Supreme Court that makes class action certification difficult and yet prevents individual litigation of the same claims...
  • Re Astropower, Inc. Securities Litigation-A Summary Notice of Pendency and Proposed Settlement of Class Action for all persons who purchased the common stock of Astropower between May7, 2001 and April 1, 2003...
  • New York Law Journal-In the class action lawsuit against Comverse Technology the federal judge overseeing this action has vacated a magistrate's lead counsel recommendation...
  • $6.25 Million class action settlement has been reached in the action brought by OOIDA against Bridge Terminal Transport, Inc...
  • American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research- "The Sorcerer, the Apprentice, and the Broom," an article by Peter Wallison, discusses problems encountered with private securities class actions...
  • Lawyers and Settlements-The advantages and disadvantages of class action litigation to settle grievances with stock brokers...
  • New York, NY-A shareholder class action has been filed in the Central District of California against New Century Financial Corp. alleging violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934...
  • RISMedia-A class action motion has been filed by patent holder Real Estate Alliance, Ltd. against the National Association of Realtors alleging patent infringement...
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