In re: Motive, Inc. Securities Litigation
Updated E-Claim Filing Guidelines

CUSIP61980V107, Formerly 61980J104

     Ticker Symbol "MOTV"

Please note that the Electronic Claim Filing Guidelines attached hereto have been updated; please disregard the version forwarded by e-mail on March 26, 2008, for the above-referenced action pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. For your convenience, the Notice and Proof of Claim and Release form have also been attached.

Please note that In re Motive, Inc. Securities Litigation (the "Class Action") is on behalf of persons and/or entities that purchased or otherwise acquired the common stock of Motive, Inc., between June 24, 2004 and October 26, 2005, inclusive.

Additional copies of the Notice may be requested by calling (866) 561-6065; faxing to (414) 963-7950; or e-mailing [email protected]. Mailing labels, data files, and e-mail and/or fax requests may also be sent to:

Motive, Inc. Securities Litigation
Claims Administrator
c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.
Attention: Fulfillment Department
Post Office Box 170500
4057 North Wilson Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53211

(866) 561-6065
(414) 963-7950 fax
[email protected]

Additional Filing forms and information for Motive, Inc. Securities Litigation:
Motive E-Claims Filing Guidelines.pdf
Motive Notice.pdf
Motive Proof of Claim Form.pdf
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